I attended Mark Shuttleworth keynote presentation this morning at the Open World Forum, Paris. Mark is the founder of Ubuntu.

During yesterday’s post, I wondered whether I would connect with him and give him the opportunity to explore and our work on free currencies.

The conclusion is I liked what he said, I liked his simplicity.

So I gave him the note on a piece of paper…

Paris, 1st October 2009


We are about to launch the free currencies. Free currencies will be to money what open source / free software is to proprietary software.

In the next years, millions of currencies will flourish on the Net and through our cell phones. They will serve for markets (buy/sell), but also for building intangible wealth such as trust, expertise, attention, reputation, recognition, and so on. They will free humanity from the current scarcity models based on Pareto laws of condensation, that leave full regions and sectors undermonetized.

We are a group of people committed to make it a reality. Very very soon.

For the protocol and infrastructure: check http://MetaCurrency.org
For the spaces where these free currencies will flow: check http://flowplace.org
For our work on collective intelligence: check http://TheTransitioner.org

As for my own commitment to these next currencies, I will soon fully leave the conventional monetary system to enter in the next open one, next 2010.

Your contribution to this process would accelerate and strengthen the process.

You may contact me on my cell phone at XXXXX

Warmest regards,

Jean-François Noubel
Founder & President

As usual I have no attachment and no expectations, it was just about threading an opportunity in the universe, and not presume anything.

Now let’s see where this will go…

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  1. Marc Tirel

    Thanks JF for sharing !!!
    If it is not this specific opportunity it will be others …
    But looking at his bio there are good reasons to believe he will answer to the letter !

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