Bruno Marion Brings Chaos in our Lives

The title of this article suggests we should hate this guy. But you know what? I love him as one of these rare friends one has in a lifetime. And I do love that he brings chaos into our lives.

Indeed, Bruno has become one to the greatest experts on this new science, the chaos theory, as we name it.


At crossroads

The chaos theory –the latest conceptual tool we have to map reality around us– emerged after researchers made similar observations in their respective disciplines. Researchers observed chaos at play in their own field without knowing that these same phenomena happened in other disciplines such as biology, medicine, meteorology, physics, economics or sociology. It took quite a transdisciplinary understanding to see communalities between a heart beat, the forming of a thunderstorm, the erratic behavior in the stock exchange, the vortexes in a fluid under specific states, the amazing shapes in nature or the unpredictability of a pendulum. Then the mathematician Benoît Mendelbrot discovered (and invented) the fractals, i.e. the mathematics that describe complexity, life, chaos, like never before. Euclidian geometry describes elements that exist in our minds, but not in nature. Where in nature will you find a straight line, a perfect sphere or circle, a square square, a right-angled rectangle or a perfectly flat plane? Nature generates infinitely complex and often chaotic forms such as trees, landscapes, weather, movements, vortexes, behaviors, that don’t have much to do with those perfect idealized forms that we learn at school. Better than a long discourse, just enjoy this wonderful short video below.

For the past 30 years, this science has made tremendous progress in almost every field we can imagine, from building realistic 3D imaginary worlds in the movie or computer games industry to understanding climate change or social complexity. You will find lot’s of good literature and online content that popularizes chaos and complexity theories.

Bringing chaos into our lives

Bruno MarionBruno Marion literally brings chaos into our lives in a practical and concrete way, for the benefit of all. In his conferences and his next book (coming in a few days!), he shares how our current world views still use old maps that don’t reflect the reality anymore. These old maps relate on Newtonian physics for the most part –the science of inert objects that our senses can see (planets, solids, stones, etc). This physics works well to explain causal and mechanistic events in the world. We can definitely predict how fast a stone will hit the floor depending on gravity, or where a planet will shine in the sky next year. The Newtonian physics copes well with the way our natural language operates by seeing objects and interactions between them (the dog runs after the cat, the moon shines during the night, and so on). Newtonian physics and causal/dual language works well in a stable world, a world that doesn’t change much, in which we can mostly make reliable predictions. As for relativity and quantum physics, they mostly address objects and scales that don’t operate in our human scale and that our biological senses can’t grab. Hence, even after 100 years since they appeared, they still don’t really help understand our daily reality, unless you have a good abstract mind.

Chaos, the transition space for emergence

Bruno articulates his work around 2 powerful assumptions:

  1. Our world has left the stable state (ecological balance, season cycles, predictable climate, etc) to enter into a phase of chaos. In this phase everything becomes possible, from a big collapse to a new, higher, more complex and more conscious order
  2. Chaos theory provides us with super powerful tools and methods to understand what happens, and to take real action in our lives

Butterfly in courtHere comes the real juice. Bruno Marion doesn’t talk much about “theory” (again, you’ll find very good online content and books on this part). He offers a practical ways to look at the world and navigate through it with the lenses of a fractal world. Through many concrete life situations, he shows how this applies to governance, economy, politics, sex, everyday life, building a company, organizing your time, building your relationships, designing technology, embracing your identity, etc. Reading his book or listening to his conferences will help you see that the old mental maps mislead us because they don’t match the field anymore. In a metaphoric way, would you use a static paper map if you knew the ground changes its configuration all the time? Of course not. But we do it with our old mental maps. We need inner dynamic maps, or to say it with my own words, a language of flows.

So, whether you want to understand why your sense of self doesn’t match social reality anymore, or why your company doesn’t work anymore, or why politics can’t do it anymore, go read and listen to Bruno Marion.


Check Bruno Marion’s website.

Nipun Mehta, a gift for the world

Nipun MehtaNipun Mehta appears as one of the most inspiring persons I have ever met. A few years ago, he and I met as guest speakers in a conference on the gift economy in California. I shared some ideas about collective intelligence and the coming of free currencies as a possible infrastructure for global generosity at a massive scale. Nipun came from direct grassroot practice of generosity and giftivism operating through wide networks of people. He had tons of inspiring stories to share, each of them seeding generosity in our hearts.

Small communities and trust networks rely on gift economy. In these human ecosystems we learn that what we give comes back to us. Games theory call it a “positive sum economy”. Hence gift economy plays a central role in the functioning of original collective intelligence since the dawn of time.

But when communities turned into big societies and civilizations built upon pyramidal collective intelligence, a different story happened. The market economy became predominant: “I give you this piece of exchangeable wealth at the condition you give something equivalent in return”. Money became the most convenient counterpart for any tradable wealth moving from one hand to another. Gift economy became marginal, or at least invisible for the mainstream money paradigm. In this paradigm, one of the beliefs says that if you just give things away, it will just diffuse and never come back. Don’t give, trade.

If you explore the true nature of the universe then you will start to see it as our ultimate community. The mind may still say “don’t give things away otherwise they will diffuse in the abyssal infinite and never come back“, but your deeper being knows that interconnectedness, generosity and providence operate at every moment. For many, it takes the heroes journey to build a concrete understanding how the universe operates as a gift economy. Those who surrender to generosity experience this law all the time. They just give, and life gives back, from another source and another time, not even as a direct counterpart. Don’t try to make plans, it just works. Like gravity.

Nipun has taken this path of radical generosity. He calls it giftism. He embodies it in every aspect of his being. This experience has turned generosity into rocket science with grounded empirical evidence, numbers and rationals. It works. It works better and more efficiently than conventional competitive market economy. And you know what? Bliss comes as the best ROI.

Go to You will meet a constellation of amazing inspired souls who walk the talk of generosity and giftism, like Nipun. I admire the work and projects they do. I feel inspired, my heart feels fed, and concrete ideas inseminate my mind.

Don’t miss this TEDx talk from Nipun. I feel the same emotion every time I see it.

Following the traces of Nipun, I wish free currencies will provide a global infrastructure for generosity economies and giftism to rise at a global scale.

Thanks Nipun!


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Freudian Slips of Pyramidal Collective Intelligence

A friend of mine wrote me this morning: “My school just cut off two positions that were necessary to pursue the deployment of our project. I was supposed to hire these two persons but the context is bad and the management is opposed to any hiring! Even though I have faith, I start to feel doubts in regards to my future and in pursuing this project“.

What project? A pedagogy in which students build their journey themselves. They are self-taught, they learn within a nutritive environment composed of devoted and passionate facilitators. In this place students develop themselves in an integral way, they open their intuitive and emotional intelligence as well as their mental-rational intelligence. All this with Web 2.0, social media, mobility, relationship, humility and self-exploration.

But, hey, no more budget… Have we heard this story somewhere before?

Let’s face it. The vision and the project carried by my friend deeply challenge the very founding principles of today’s teaching institutions. Schools and universities are an obsolete model, a 19th century industrial world view that sees humans as “containers” on an assembly line in which knowledge can be pored in a massive, reproductible way. It is not random that the universe of teaching is built with words such as “programs”, “departments”, “sections”, “levels”, “grades”, “evaluations”, “certificates”, etc. A mechanical, mineral, deterministic, predictive ontology that doesn’t leave much space for natural dynamics of life, for organic and chaordic growth.

Therefore it is through a series of “accidents” or Freudian slips –tied or cut budgets, fears, beliefs, laws and regulations, gossips, scarcity of time, the Peter Principle to name a few– that a pyramidal collective intelligence body rejects everything that can endanger it. These parapraxis operate like antibodies. Their function is to eliminate innovative evolutionary projects and visions, to discredit or discourage them, and eventually eradicate everything that threatens the deep structure of the collective body. It is useless to incriminate such or such leader who’s blocking things. He/she will tell you that he/she is obliged to do so because of his/her function or because of the ideology that he/she is a voice for.  Nothing personal, of course… He/She is exists only because of the system that gave him/her some power, a system that has to be seen as a whole. He/she. Beyond all these obstacles, here and there, tiny pioneering cells remain, get inter-connected, coordinate, build new capacities in holomidal collective intelligence, and keep opening the path for the great mutation. These dynamics are well known and well identified in collective intelligence. Whoever evolves in these pyramidal CI contexts should be familiar with these principles. It leads to less deception and more efficient strategies.

Evolution plays at the edge of ecosystems, at the far boundaries of the old and the whispers of the new. These are turbulent areas filled with conflicts and a few fertile spots, often brutal spaces in which pioneers have to blindly trust the evolutionary forces that go through them and liven them up. There the only thing that can be trusted is the transcendent experience, this Ariadne’s thread to follow in the depths of the labyrinth, providing guidance within when everything outside is an evidence of impossibility.

I feel deep gratitude for my friend — and all my other pioneer friends — for the devotion they carry, for these battles they experience inside these old collective bodies (companies, schools, administrations, governments…) lead by pyramidal collective intelligence and its related scarcity economy.

Let’s meditate. Let inner stillness operate our journey. Let evolutionary forces inspire us, they are filled with compassion and patience. Just like water, they carve rocks.

Viviane-Josée Restieau, my sister of light

I would like you to meet an extraordinary and exceptional person. In every aspects of her life she manifests with light. Her name is Viviane-Josée Restieau.

Viviane is a great, extraordinary artist. I consider her to be one of the most enlightened artists of our time (we can say so!), one of these artists that History will probably remember a posteriori, as our epoch is yet not fully ready to welcome her. So much light and consciousness manifest through her work that sometimes we see some people having the diaphragm of their soul shut down. They invoke a vague excuse about personal taste, or no sensitivity, or anything else. However the art that manifests through Viviane is universal. It’s made with pigments of light and vibrations that seat inside every being. This art belongs to no culture, no artistic canon, no fashion, no epoch, no belief system. It transcends everything, it is universal, it is the universe. No surprise that kids show immediate sensitiveness, neither they have been trapped inside cultural cages nor they have been separated from themselves yet. The diaphragm of their souls remains wide open.

Viviane is a very simple person, with a chubby, smooth-skinned face. Her big blue eyes filled with love and candor stare at you right in the depth of your soul. Just like some children can do. Let’s not be mistaken: around her child stare many springs have curled up (I won’t reveal her age, that’s up to her to say) giving birth to a timeless wisdom, rooted in the ground while leaves are fed with light. Viviane IS light, she IS her full own creation. No need to be sophisticated or scholar when the spring of life is here, so simple and pristine.

Viviane is my sister of light. An inexhaustible of joy, love, laughter and simple presence. Together we travel across invisible worlds, way beyond the senses. We visit source-spaces, we admire the arabesques and akashic vibrations that make our souls dance. Nothing is more real than these spaces. What we name “reality” then reveals its deception and drops its finery. It becomes a big farce that makes us laugh out loud.

I could endlessly continue to talk about Viviane. But now I would rather let you discover her by yourself and, who knows, maybe meet her someday. The good news is she does an exhibition no later than tomorrow (this post being published June 16, 2011).

If you want to visit her, if you want to enter in her maison-lumière (house of light), hidden in some anonymous street in Montreuil in Paris’ suburb, don’t go there lightly. Don’t come to consume her work and her sweet presence. Prepare yourself before. Make it a pilgrim. Offer it to yourself and to the universe. Deserve it. Deserve Viviane. One you have crossed her door, take your shoes off, don’t bring the pollution of the city. You enter in a sacred place, in a sanctuary. Enjoy the beauty of her little fairy garden where the heart of the maison-lumière beats. Open your soul, let the paintings operate, deep inside yourself, where pre-birth memories seat.

When you leave, be grateful. Leave an offering, a gift, something that allows the place and Viviane to live, to continue offer their fruits. Indeed, as a gift and unconditional love giver, Viviane never wanted to sell herself or get corrupted in the market economy. A work belongs to everyone. The creations you will see belong to you. Take good care of them, take good care of Viviane. Be with her just like you would be with the beautiful majestic tree in your garden. It gives you its fruits, unconditionally, be as generous in return.

Wishing you a wonderful trip.


Here’s Viviane’s official website (in French): Lumière des Mondes


Invitation Viviane-Josée Restieau - Expo juin 2011

USA Sept. 2010: Burning Man and meeting many wonderful beings

I am going to be traveling in the US from August 27th to October 6, 2010.

Here is the full detail:

  • August 27 afternoon: arriving in San Francisco
  • August 28-29: meetings in the Bay Area
  • August 30 – Sept 6: Burning Man (NV), our playa spot is 6:30 and D
  • Sept 7-14: Boulder, CO
  • Sept. 15-30: Bay area, meetings and talks
  • Sept. 23-25: talk at The CORE conference
  • Oct. 1-6: Los Angeles, with a possible stop at Santa Barbara

My beloved Fer_ananda will be with me all first part of the trip, until Sept. 14th. Yeeehaaa! So much we will share!

Burning Man: first time! Fernanda and I come as learners there. While trying to share our best gifts, we will also learn how collective intelligence manifests there, and how such events and creative lifestyles can scale up. Do creative genius have to remain confined in such crazy events, or can it become a 7/24 lifestyle at the society level? What does it take? What’s the role of free currencies?

I will meet many many amazing persons, most of them I call them heroes because they have chosen to live the life they want, because they serve the world and others with an immense generosity and love, because they are extremely courageous and have not chosen the easiest path… Indeed, they are true heroes for me!

Here are some names among many others fantastic encounters that are already seeding in the unfolded womb of the universe:

Arthur Brock

Barbara Marx-Hubbard: she and I will meet at the end of my trip in L.A. and/or Santa Barbara

Brad Nye: organizing the camp at Burning Man ( and then the CORE conference in the Bay Area

Chia Ortegon: we will meet Sept. 15th

Darrell Laham

Nipun Mehta

Olivier Maurel

Pancho Ramos Stierle

Patricia and Dan Ellsberg

Sandra de Castro-Buffington

Sergio Lub

Chia Ortegon

August 27th 2010:

At the moment I am writing this post, Chia and I haven’t met physically yet. Our meetings have been online though skype. But what an encountering!

Chia is the most amazing artist I know. Her creativity and her fields of expression seem to have no limits, from painting to online art to cloth designing to writing to filming. What she expresses is definitely the alchemy of consciousness. You can witness this alchemy not only in the pieces of art themselves, but in what happens within you when you experience her art. Alchiamista is her true cosmic name

To say it short, Chia is a powerful goddess embodied in a few pounds of feminine beauty. 😀

Chia and I are going to meet physically in California for the first time Sept. 15, 2010. This is an exciting journey that is beginning! More in this post soon!

Brad Nye

Brad and I met first time early January 2010, during a trip in California.

What struck me the very first time, and this feeling has increased ever since, is the power that Brad holds in manifesting things. Hence, Brad has invited Fernanda and I to Burning Man this summer 2010 where he is building a whole infrastructure there. See for more information. Right after Bard is organizing the Core Conference 23-25 Sept. 2010.

Brad is definitely joining the source that inspires him with collective manifestation of spirit as crucibles where the world can evolve and transform, through serendipistic connections, expression of Divine Feminine, fun and self-expression that has freed from conventional forms.

Brad, I am so glad to walk this path with you! More to come in this post as new experiences will build along our journey.


Barbara Marx-Hubbard

Barbara is quite famous in the US. During all her life she has explored evolution of consciousness, and more precisely what she calls conscious evolution, that is evolution conscious of itself. Conscious evolution manifests through beings that have decided to evolve, to be the evolution, and of course who are conscious of this force manifesting through them. She also talks about suprasex, when the masculine and feminine manifest through us, infusing co-creative genius.

Barbara and I are soul connected. We share this irresistible evolutionary force playing through us, not just as new concepts (which is what most people think this is about), but as physical transmutation in our body, in the way the world manifests in us and how our consciousness new realities get constructed in our consciousness. This is a unique experience.

Barbara is joy and laughter, pure beauty, with fire, genius and love in her eyes. She seems that the older she goes into age, the younger she is, as she has become a direct manifestation of her soul. And soul is ever young!


Let's stayconnected