Where are we in regards to building CIRI?

Many people write me to ask what’s the current status of CIRI — the Collective Intelligence Research Institute — we created and announced 18 months ago. It is true that we haven’t communicated much since this time, as most of our work has been dedicated to building contexts, develop many research projects and meet many many people in different parts of the world. This was mostly invisible work.

Most of people who write me ask how they can contribute to building CIRI and support TheTransitioner community. Well, let me share a quick overview of what the long term vision is, so I can then speak about what short term actions are.

Long term vision

From Earth to Moon - Jules VernesCIRI’s role is to serve as an embassy, a base in the conventional world. The kind of research we do takes us far far away in unknown spaces, where our belief systems (doxa) don’t exist anymore. Take the metaphor of a new planet. Physics, shapes, laws are different there. In the universe we explore, new ground breaking paradigms show up, human experience is mostly inexistant, technology is evolving every day, amazing visions emerge and open new understanding of reality, and then new ways to conduct our life.

A new universe can only be accessed with a vessel and a crew of pioneers on board, in the litteral or metaphorical sense. It’s a small team of people who have undertaken the challenge to explore the unknown. They know the risks, and they are trained to evolve in these contexts. Some members of the crew are experts about the vessel: they know how to navigate it and how to fix it. Other members are experts about the destination: they already have studied as much as they can what it may look like over there, and have prepared themselves for this. Think Apollo missions or the future inhabited missions to Mars. Astronauts onboard have a very peculiar life style with very different social codes, language, rules… and they are on their own. As much as it can the Earth base is providing guidance and intelligence, but basically the crew is really are on its own. No one else can live the experience they have.

No one can build a vessel alone. It has to be a collective project supported by people and organizations in the conventional world. For collective intelligence pioneers, this home base is CIRI.

Oh, by the way, how should we name this new universe these pioneers are exploring? We call it holomidal collective intelligence, that is the next form of collective intelligence that succeeds, and supersedes, pyramidal collective intelligence. As I said: this means a whole new social fabric, a new way to live, new values, new technologies, new paradigms, new cultures, new social codes, new economy, even new ways to perceive ourselves as individuals, and the list goes on. Indeed, it’s not just about an external evolution, this journey touches the deepest structures of the being.

Back to CIRI. This organization is composed of people willing to accompany the emergence of holomidal collective intelligence. These men and women don’t need to be pioneers in every aspects of their life, indeed they can contribute in the journey by providing their expertise, wealth, actions in such or such domain.

So, many ways to do it. Concretely? Here’s a short list:

  • Technology: geeks of all kinds (those who love organic vegan low fat raw gluten free pizzas are even accepted), software architects, sys admins, open source software developers, UI experts, mobile platforms experts, game designers, webmasters, graphic designers…
  • Science: researchers on sociology, complex systems, biomimicry & biology, biocomputing, anthropology, theory of social choice, theory of games, computer science, economics, artificial intelligence (specially on multi agent systems), ergonomics, communication…
  • Community gardening: social media experts, space holders, seeders, writers… (this leads mostly to TheTransitioner website)
  • Training: inspirers, trainers, coaches, gurus, you name it…
  • Communication: writers, film makers, lecturers, multimedia experts…
  • Public relationships: with the press, with the online world, with politics, with the corporate world and so on
  • Arts: artists of all kinds, from music to photography, from digital arts to dance, from cartoons to graphic design…
Yes, all these people have incredible gifts and talents to offer. Collective intelligence is such a promising and fertile field!

And now?

First things first. Before many people can play together, we need to set up the right conditions. What are these?

First, a website where all the progress, the R&D and the discoveries we made these past years are made available to everyone. In my public keynotes and conferences, I am just sharing 5% of the whole picture, maybe not even so. This is normal as these events are confined inside limited spaces and most people are completely new to these ideas and concepts. Even seminars that last for days cannot cover more than a tiny portion of the CI field and experience. Therefore an online space that shares the whole vision in a coherent construct is the first thing to accomplish.

This breaks down to different steps to be made asap:

  • A functional server: right now our server is a mess. After years of good services it requires a complete thinking and redesign. A talented visionary sys admin is required, not just someone who will ‘admin’, but someone who will do this accordingly to the vision and practice we are holding. A key player who provides the team with the capacity to implement and try out new web apps, and makes everyday life easier in the online world.
  • Creating the containers: in other words, functional websites. CSS experts and graphic designers are the most wanted 🙂
    • CIRI website: we are working on it at this present moment. It relies on wagn technology. A functional v1.0 website is expected by Sept. 2012.
    • TheTransitioner website: works on a Ning platform. So far so good, I am not a Ning fan, but this was a turnkey solution. It needs graphic design, lot’s of reorganization, and people willing to do community gardening.
    • This present blog: it’s an important space where I can speak from the I perspective, both in objective and subjective ways. This blog that has never received any piece of design. This is all home made with my little hands and I would greatly appreciate now to bring it to the next level. Again, some graphic design, css implementation, and a little bit of WordPress expertise.
  • Writing the content: at this present moment this is clearly my role, and the only thing I should really do. This is not the case yet as there are many other things to organize.

Once these early conditions are met, we can then move to the next stage: invite and support a global constellation of motivated and talented people who want to build the next post-monetary society and support the emergence of holomidal collective intelligence. We are not that far from it, believe me.

If you are interested in playing, please let me know! If you want to involve yourself more deeply, it would also require that someday you attend (or even organize) a collective intelligence bootcamp. Bootcamp? More about it soon!

Did these men crash the world?

I wholeheartedly recommend this excellent 4 parts documentary called “Meltdown” from Al Jazeera. Part one is below. It explains with many details how the top finance lords have deployed their most subtle and vicious art as predators that eventually lead to the 1988 crash. No need to be a Nobel Prize economist to understand the systemic outcomes of this giant casino, and how decisions of a few men who where never elected sent millions of others into the streets. Common sense is enough to get the picture.

In this first episode, we follow four men who brought down the global economy: a billionaire mortgage-seller who fooled millions; a high-rolling banker with a fatal weakness; a ferocious Wall Street predator; and the power behind the throne during Bush presidency. This documentary reminds us some harsh truths:

  • Any financial speculation is an exercise that disconnects the currency from the real economy. It ALWAYS leads, someday or another, to a disaster.
  • It is one among many examples of what I call legal crime, an idea that I will develop further in my future work on collective intelligence. It illustrates the divergence we often see between the moral line and the legal line, which leads to “what is legal is immoral, and what is immoral is legal“.
  • In the end it is always the people who pays the bill. People is this naive, ignorant, trusting, working collective body in which power vampires sink their teeth into until it turns dry. Neither people thrown out of their house nor the millions of Chinese workers thrown out of their factories will contradict this.

But we must not stop here. Sharks exist only because they have a hunting territory that feeds them. It’s a whole social, cultural and political system that provides them with a space to hunt. Pointing at the sharks and incriminating them as the only cause for blood shed is an epistemological and moral mistake.

Epistemological mistake? A classic one, indeed. When we accuse a part of the system to be the unique cause of imbalance of the whole system, we trap ourselves in a reductionist vision that leads to a world view that is as dangerous as the one being condemned. More: we perpetuate the system by polarizing it even more. This is what I call “symbiotic polarization” in collective intelligence, where every side self-legitimates itself in its rights and its actions by accusing the other side. It creates a very stable system that has very little capacity to evolve. It is always the fault of a Bush, Gaddafi, Hitler, Staline, Richard Fuld Jr. (former CEO of Lehman Brothers), some boss here or tyran there… It just shows how the founding mechanisms of pyramidal collective intelligence are not understood. It is that, thanks to chains of command and transfers of responsibility, most people are giving up their sovereignty and moral responsibility, be they at the top of the bottom of the pyramid.

Moral mistake too, when we lambaste the big predators and other power animals of the human zoo. Credulous money savers, ignorant consumers, everyone of us in various degree is responsible for a cog in this huge social machine, no matter how small is this cog. Building a deep understanding of how different forms of collective intelligence work and inter-operate is essential. It allows us to take responsibility and anticipate most of today’s planetary catastrophes that we are witnesses or victims of. The 2008 tragedy was easy to anticipate, as this was not a incidental cause but a structural one, when failure is designed into the system. Then you just need to extrapolate.

Of course it’s not easy to acquire some hindsight on why these big human earthquakes happen. First because their forecasting comes through what we call weak signals. It is when the situation shifts in an imperceptible manner, step by step. The signal is too weak for the mind to become aware of it and to get a sense that something is cooking, that the situation has shifted to another place.  Humanity is completely disarmed in regards to weak signals. We need to develop individual capacities to observe these weak signals, and listen to those who have built some expertise on them. The other challenge for acquiring some hindsight capacities is that schools, in the society of pyramidal collective intelligence, are designed to domesticate the young Human. These schools produce either docile or ferocious people, ignorant and naive in both cases. Both sheep and predators obey to the same logics of pyramidal collective intelligence, each of them perpetuate it in their own way. Not many people step out of such an enveloping and pervasive matrix of culture and beliefs. Conquering individual sovereignty requires lot’s of efforts and some long deserts to cross.

Nevertheless I remain very optimistic for different reasons. First, I see so many people awakening everywhere, young ones and old ones. Sociology does reflect this evolution by measuring how value systems evolve. Second because civil society is today granted with communityware that allow decentralized and distributed circulation of ideas and know-how. Indeed this is not enough yet. We still miss more powerful tools that allow synchronization of actions. By this I mean local and global actions, richer and more complex than a call for a street contest. Actions in the collective mean economy. Economy means currencies. Not money, as this is such a poor archaic language based on scarcity ideologies. I mean free currencies.

Sooo, well… I must continue my work ceaselessly, so that free currencies move from a seed to a global movement that nothing can stop.

Sharing vs exchanging

This morning a person joined TheTransitioner online community and wrote in her profile that for her sharing was more important than exchanging.

I couldn’t agree more with her. Sharing is much more than exchanging. It raises a core collective intelligence question: how can we build large economies that are NOT just about exchanging (market economy), but mostly based on sharing? This leads to a very technical challenge about how we track flows in order to:

  1. be aware of them because we see them: it is awareness that helps us make informed and sovereign decisions
  2. balance them at large scales:

A few words on point 2: contrarily to a common belief that says ‘when you love you don’t count”, it is important to count, more precisely to account. Too often accounting is tied to scarcity and greediness. This is wrong. Accounting is the way to track our flows, our energies, our resources, and therefore manage them in a way everyone can be sustainable. Accounting is a very natural and universal part of reality that exists everywhere in nature. All life around us uses some ways to account in order to regulate via feedback loops. Our hormonal system is a good example.

How do we track flows at a large scale? How do we become fractal so that small scale and large scales work the same way?

This is the heart of our R&D work now at CIRI — the Collective Intelligence Research Institute.


Feudalism and money

Last September 2010 my dear friend and brother Eric Harris-Braun wrote a wonderful post on his blog called “A story about expressive capacity“, which I strongly recommend that anyone interested in the economic shift should read. Thanks Eric for this wonderful post!

Another story we may want to link to the one written by Eric is the 100% isomorphism between feudal power on the land and feudal power on money. The feudalism based on land has moved to feudalism on money. The idea I want to stress here is not much political or sociological, but ontological.

If we place ourselves in the shoes (if they had some) of a serf or peasant of the 9th-15th centuries, land was inseparable from a lord (more precisely the lords-vassals-fiefs order). In the inner subjective reality, land+lord were a unit that the mind was not able to separate. Land had the nature of the lord, the lord had the nature of the land. Dissociating them required a complete leap of mind that challenged the cosmic and social order. And even if the land and the lord were mentally separated, so what? What’s after? The ontological separation is the first step, but then the mind is asked to imagine and build a whole new functional universe that works, that’s the second step — the big one. Only a few visionaries have such capacities, then they have to deal with everyone’s incredulity and inertia.

I guess we face the same challenge today with money. Wealth is undifferentiated from money, the same way land was undifferentiated from a lord. Both pairs wealth-money, land-lord share the same ontological bond. When we say “someone is wealthy”, it means this person has lot’s of money, which indirectly ties this person with the current monetary feudal system. My feeling is most (r)evolutions begin when consciousness starts to decouple some of these pairs.

“Complementary currencies” are the first step people make when they decouple money and wealth. The current monetary order is so pervasive that it doesn’t leave space for the mind to rebuild a whole new order. Consciousness needs a long, long journey before it can create a whole new world that is not “alternative” or “complementary” to the existing one, but a pure creation. Right now we are still in the first step of unbinding wealth and money. Even if we do it in the mental level, the practical aspect is still very very challenging.

Even “free currencies” still keep us attached to the old paradigm of seeing human societies as market places, whereas we now need to seem them as conscious living systems in which subjective reality is as important as objective flows.

That’s why I love the verb “to weal”. “Let me weal you”, or “let’s weal” will mean let’s build, measure, acknowledge, exchange, trade, experience, shine wealth together, without ontological strings tied to a centralized proprietary monopolistic technology.

Sooo, thanks Eric, your post wealed me!

First readings to enter collective intelligence

People ask me what they should read for their first steps in collective intelligence, wisdom and consciousness. As surprising as it may look, this questions opens to many fields that might seem out of scope, for instance the way we feed ourselves. Indeed, shouldn’t we see food, like so many other questions, as a collective intelligence question?

Migration towards holomidal collective intelligence requires a hero’s journey for pioneers. Tomorrow we will witness a massive migration. Today not everyone can do it (check Evolutionary Boot Camps), it takes pioneers to reach places where society has not settled yet. By “going” I mean live there, find and invent practical and pragmatic ways to build tomorrow’s humanity. It doesn’t dictate a way to think or live, all this will naturally emerge. We just have to see holomidal collective intelligence like a new continent, with its landscape and its intrinsic laws. Then we can decide how we want to live there. Our creativity will make the difference.

Some keywords: integral approach (body, mind, spirit), personal development, fine tuning between the being and the doing, subjective and objective realities, holopticism, invisible architectures… It requires lots of work, attention, patience, within ourselves and with others. A 24/7 challenge, tough and exciting.

As for what you may read, I’ll share here a non-exhaustive list:

Ken Wilber, one of the authors I usually recommend first:

  • A Brief History of Everything: a condensed version of Wilber’s work. It offers a good overview of the theory as well as his integral approach.
  • Sex, Ecology, Spirituality: Wilber’s core work. As massive as a stone, a book in which we can finally grasp the scientific depth and the real flesh of his colossal work. A must read if we want to get into serious grounded work.

Collective intelligence requires that we become literate about how consciousness works, and how we can map it (see Wilber as a map maker) by exploring ancient spiritual traditions or recent research work. One of these maps has the name of Spiral Dynamics, an outcome of Clare Graves work. One of his disciples, Don Beck, wrote this seminal book about it: “Spiral Dynamics: mastering values, leadership and change“.

As migration towards global CI is pioneering journey, it has its heroes (famous or anonymous, it doesn’t matter). This heroes journey is mostly initiatory and spiritual. No matter the epochs or the quests, we find the same invisible initiatory structures that all mythologies in all civilizations have told. This synthesis, we find it in the extraordinary work of Joseph Campbell. His richest and most famous work is “The Hero with the thousand faces“.

It naturally leads us to the spiritual journey, the one of life, of individual and collective human experience, and the pursuit of happiness. Lot’s of literature and initiatory work have existed for ever. My attention mostly goes towards contemporary approaches. Indeed spiritual traditions still nourish them and they link Orient and Occident. The Oriental civilizations have pushed to the edge the inner exploration, the subjectif knowing of the Self, of the Being, of the Universe. Brahman, the Ultimate Reality, God, the Universal, exist inside ourselves, in the non-dual experience, by communion, by the direct knowing of the here and now, the Substance, the Essence, beyond words. This approach requires direct experience. One can teach the practices and the maps to get there, but you have to go by yourself. Occident, on the other side of the planet, developed the dual knowing of the universe, through the subject-object relationship. We play on objects: I drop a stone and write down its speed and acceleration, I brake a particle in an accelerator and I count the fragments, I mix substances and I observe the chemical reactions, I cut a corpse in pieces to see the organs, I observe stars with a telescope and sink in the infiniteness of the universe, I combine axioms and deduct new theorems… In the dual approach, reality principle (the “it”) teaches us something universal, it questions our current beliefs. The more knowledge expands, the more the universe seems to reveal a truth that operates independently of the Being. The biologist feels humble in front of the laws of life, the geneticist faces the genius of the natural engineering, the mathematician has an epiphany before π or φ, the physicist vibrates in front of c and h.

The spiritual work that connects Orient and Occident happened quite recently, mostly brought by mystics able to inhabit in both cultures. For instance:

  • Pierre Teilhard de Chardin , an enlightened Jesuit, traveler, scientist paleontologist, one of the first in the Occident who formulated the link between the evolution of life and the evolution of consciousness. His  masterpiece, The Phenomenon of Man, is an absolute piece of poetry, nourished by this scientific rigor that authentic mystics have;
  • Sri Aurobindo, raised in England, spent the rest of his life in India. I see him as the most influent mystic of the 20th century, and maybe the 21st century. Inspired by the Upanishads and a man of modern times, we just begin to understand the magnitude of his phenomenal work. I recommend The Life Divine and The Human Cycle.

Food makes a whole topic and line of development of itself. I will write more posts on this. The way we eat shows where we stand in our journey to an expanded consciousness. No discourse will ever tell you the ultimate way to eat. But you may still want to learn some basics — everyone agrees for instance that too much fat will eventually kill you. You may want to become aware of the cultural biases and invisible architectures that operate through food. I do recommend “The 80/10/10 diet” from Doug Graham. Although this book explains how to evolve to law fat raw diet, it provides an impressive number of factual data about food, physiology, digestion. Then you can decide how you want to deal with it.

I will finish with my modest book that I wrote a few years ago, “Collective intelligence: the invisible revolution” (look at the picture in this post on the upper right). You can download it. I feel quite amazed by the success it had (translations and downloads). Each week I continue to receive mails from different places in the world. This book only focuses on the external aspects of collective intelligence, I left aside the spiritual and subjective phenomenology of collective intelligence. It provides is the foundations of this new discipline, it awakens many fundamental questions that concern us all.

Well, I hope you have something to start with now 🙂

From owning to flowing

Our consumer society has built an ideology of accumulation. This is triggered by the scarce monetary system. Rather than sharing the stuff we need, we accumulate it in our basements, garages and backyards. Skis, furniture, toys, lawnmowers, tools, washing machines, books (ah, books!), DVDs, carpets, dishes, clothes… This stuff doesn’t circulate, nor it is shared. It piles up in every house. How would the consumer’s economy be if we didn’t have to reproduce the same artifact a zillion times? How would it be if we shared? How would it be if everything became a flow?

Today we unconsciously perceive ourselves as endpoints, as final destinations of whatever object or service the world creates if we need it, just like little children at early age. This nourishes an underlying egocentric experience at the societal and cultural levels. This economic infrastructure based on conquering and accumulating stuff by means of harshly conquered money doesn’t help us become systemic human beings. We don’t see ourselves as harmonious beings serving and being served by a wider whole.

We operate exactly the same with knowledge. We accumulate knowledge in our inner basement. Knowledge that was first poured in our heads at school (this is the dominant vision of school programs in most cultures). How much of it do we really make publicly available? How much do we freely redistribute? How trained are we to pass it on, naturally, fluidly? These new social media and free economies are so odd in regards to what we learned at school…

We, at the MetaCurrency group, are building the infrastructure that will help us experience wealth as flows that go through us, be it in material and immaterial form. In the culture of flows we don’t need to accumulate. We need to receive what’s necessary at the right time, then pass it on. The flowplace will be one of the platforms for this.

We shift from owning to flowing.

Having the thing we need at the right time, and pass it on? This is a natural property of small communities (original collective intelligence) that operate in the gift economy. Original collective intelligence provides a built-in synchronistic structure where personal needs are met at the right time, which in return enables us to offer our wealth to the commons. But humanity has not yet been able to scale it up. The only strategy for scaling so far has been the market economy within the pyramidal collective intelligence and its scarce currency system.

The evolutionary threshold is that now we can scale up the properties of original collective intelligence (and still benefit from the amazing evolutions of pyramidal collective intelligence). We are now on the verge of inventing the language of flows, so that wealth can flow through us at the right time according to our needs, rather than accumulate in our backyards after a long and exhausting hunt for scarce money.

This new level of complexity requires a new techno-economic infrastructure. Just like the printing press, this is going to create a new culture.

This culture is already manifesting in the open source economy. Sociology shows also that more and more people are leaving the conventional culture (see cultural creatives). They undomesticate themselves (the Vow of Wealth is certainly one of these steps). The coming generations will learn flowing rather than owning. It begins today with knowledge, it will soon apply to the material world.


An inspiring link: The story of stuff

Use essence rather than function

Part of my research work is how ontology (our language structures that define our relationship to the world) builds our collective self, and how these invisible architectures often maintain the collective entrapped in predictable social structures that self perpetuate via language. Same seed, same tree… same invisible architectures, same society. Language creates reality, reality creates language, as an endless mirror that keeps us trapped, unless we open up to the Divine evolutionary spark that shifts the whole thing to a whole new set of self-reflecting mirrors.

Many of the ontological structures that we use today carry archaic forms of consciousness (which include violence and domination), and for the most part they carry and duplicate the memes (units of culture) that perpetuate pyramidal collective intelligence (the form of CI that still prevails in our society).

One of these (many) old ontological structures can be seen in our habit to use substantive words that express a function, a social status or state, rather than essence. Examples:

  • the homeless rather than people without a home
  • a user in the software world, rather than a person (shall we say some day a person interface rather than a user interface?)
  • a prisoner rather than an imprisoned person
  • an Italian rather than an Italian person
  • etc

We use generic terms such as the French, the Africans, the geeks, the red necks, the blacks, the WASP, the gays, the Republicans, etc, as social, functional or ethnic classes that are named by social attributes.

In every single example above, the essence has been put aside to the point that we get to hide it completely from our consciousness. We are not talking about a person, a being, or a human being anymore, which express and acknowledge the subject as its own essence. Our attention is directed to (and diverted by) the function, rank or status given to the person by the society, as social attributes. It is a first step to dishumanizing ourselves, seeing the other as a utility, a function, an attribute that mixes with essence. By doing so we obliterate our innate capacity to acknowledge ourselves, celebrate life in general as sacred and unalienable.

Today I recommend we don’t much use the word user in the flowplace and in any other piece of software we create, but that we replace it with essence-based words, as a way of acknowledging the sacredness in every corner of our languaging of the world. Person is definitely one of these words.

For a long time I am trying to educate myself to use words and expressions that acknowledge our sacredness and true nature. As usual this is a long journey, a long inner education that has no social substrate to support it. It’s about creating a new culture from inward out.

Usual business 🙂



The Law of Attraction/Repulsion

If often use this term —Law of Attraction–, or even more often: the Law of Attraction/Repulsion. This morning, while writing another post, I realized that I am using these words in my own specific way that I should clarify in regards of how this seems to be widely interpreted in the common context.

The expression “Law of Attraction” came naturally to me through my own direct experience. It is the simple observation that we attract others via our own behavior. Behavior is the external manifestation of our inner alchemy: emotions, personal and transgenerational history, persona, physical aspects, social environment, cognitive profile, etc. This makes us some sort of very complex molecule that floats in the human soup. Our complex molecule bonds with other complex molecules that carry complementary properties (that’s the attraction part), while it discards those that have antagonistic chemical properties (that’s the repulsion part). That’s just a very natural and universal property that, I believe, makes sense for everybody.

More interesting to me is when we being to claim power on this law of attraction/repulsion. In order to do so we need to shed the light of consciousness on everything that we manifest into the world as an expression of our inner being. We need to understand how our relationships with others are built, how they became what they are today, and what are the real deals behind. For he/she who begins this journey, it is likely that he/she will discover that most of what binds us together is built on unconscious processes, pervasive social architectures, belief systems and social codes that we are not aware of. Revisiting every single agreement, every single contract we have with ourselves and with others is quite a journey. Worth the trip though, because this is the path to freedom and personal sovereignty, leading to the claim of our own inner kingdom. Freedom is not about not cutting links with others, it’s about choosing. Then, and only then, can we take possession of our inner infinite universe, and become Gods and Goddesses to ourselves.

For he/she who decides to surrender to what is True, Good and Beautiful, for he/she who decides to make these transcendent divine lights the driving forces of the soul’s journey, for he/she who decides to surrender to the blissipline (the uncompromised art of following the bliss), then the whole chemical properties of our human complex molecule transmute and shift to a new level. Every single current in the cosmic soup leads to serendipitous encounters with the right person at the right time and the right place (here’s a short video about the difference between synchronicity and serendipity). This is really cool stuff, (speaking from direct experience 😎 ). That’s from the “I” perspective.

From the “We” perspective, our own inner alignment and bliss contribute to the weaving of a cocoon of consciousness around our beautiful blue planet. These new networks of universal humans following, aligning and synchronizing to those greater pulses of light, are undoubtedly a great evolutionary step. It is about the human species shifting from ethno/socio-centric social structures to a world-centric universal society, with some kosmo-centric taste in it (that’s where the pulling involutionary force comes from).

This collective weaving of this cocoon nesting our planet comes from our “I” taking possession of the inner kingdom. It requires time, patience, mastery. Beyond appearance, it’s totally impersonal. It’s a hero’s journey, as Josef Campbell described it so well. He/she who claims possession and conquers this inner kingdom/queendom then begins to attract other kindred spirits, and here we are cooking the next cosmic soup. A delicious one.

This experience of the universal Law of Attraction/Repulsion has little to do with what I have recently heard and seen about the “Law of Attraction”, as explained in this successful movie called “The Secret“. There is certainly some universal truth revealed in it, but as usual it’s turned into one of those usual reciepes of life: “Just think strongly about it, desire it very strongly, and it will come to you” over simplifies the equation. Although this statement is not wrong on the surface, it doesn’t stress the need for soul work underneath, I mean meeting our soul for real and letting it take possession of our entire being — mind, body, spirit –. I also witness that conventional money has come inside the equation and created the usual social architecture outcome (and income as well).

I guess in this blog I will share a lot about these serendipitous stories, each of them show how soul encountering is where the Universe weaves itself and demonstrates its infinite creativity because we are its infinite creators, all children and parents at the same time.

Meditation causing law of attraction to get a Ferrari

Eve and the Cosmic Family Reunion

Barbara Marx-Hubbard has written an amazing inspired myth called “Eve and the Cosmic Family Reunion“. Another way to put it is “what the next episode of the Bible should be?”, from a universal Christian experience.

Simply put: Eve, the original sinner, comes back to the father Yahweh and helps him see how much she loves him and how harmful he was to her and humanity when he chased her away with anger and punishment. She helps him see that he has to invite Lucifer, the fallen Angel, come home. So far Lucifer has worked on enslaving humanity into a separated mind, where most humans are mostly seeking power, domination and fame. This is the reason why Eve goes to Hollywood meet Mr. Universal, the powerful boss of a big major production company. So far he has been producing massive worldwide successful movies that are based on violence, sex and power, the signature of the separated creative mind controled by Lucifer. She invites him to make a film that will show that Armageddon is not a fatality. Then Eve provokes the reunion and re-union of the big Cosmic Family.

This mythic play is a masterpiece. When reading it with Barbara, I was immediately penetrated by the archetypes flowing in the play. Most important, I could witness that there was an unconscious hidden longing in me for this Cosmic family reunion and resolution. This is amazingly meaningful and transformative. If offers a totally new evolutionary perspective, expressed in a mythic form.

I could also clearly see how Barbara IS Eve. And at the end of the reading I asked her: “Eve, why don’t you go to Hollywood and meet Mr. Universal?“. That’s what’s next on her journey.

During these next 2 days we are going to film some more reading and made some amateur trailer, so it can be shared with everyone, including Mr. Universal.

Here is now a first filmed excerpt (thanks to Dino’s talent!). I was reading it for the first time and still couldn’t help being taken by the archetypes of Yahweh and Lucifer. Now we know they are French. 🙂

More soon…

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