Barbara Marx-Hubbard has written an amazing inspired myth called “Eve and the Cosmic Family Reunion“. Another way to put it is “what the next episode of the Bible should be?”, from a universal Christian experience.

Simply put: Eve, the original sinner, comes back to the father Yahweh and helps him see how much she loves him and how harmful he was to her and humanity when he chased her away with anger and punishment. She helps him see that he has to invite Lucifer, the fallen Angel, come home. So far Lucifer has worked on enslaving humanity into a separated mind, where most humans are mostly seeking power, domination and fame. This is the reason why Eve goes to Hollywood meet Mr. Universal, the powerful boss of a big major production company. So far he has been producing massive worldwide successful movies that are based on violence, sex and power, the signature of the separated creative mind controled by Lucifer. She invites him to make a film that will show that Armageddon is not a fatality. Then Eve provokes the reunion and re-union of the big Cosmic Family.

This mythic play is a masterpiece. When reading it with Barbara, I was immediately penetrated by the archetypes flowing in the play. Most important, I could witness that there was an unconscious hidden longing in me for this Cosmic family reunion and resolution. This is amazingly meaningful and transformative. If offers a totally new evolutionary perspective, expressed in a mythic form.

I could also clearly see how Barbara IS Eve. And at the end of the reading I asked her: “Eve, why don’t you go to Hollywood and meet Mr. Universal?“. That’s what’s next on her journey.

During these next 2 days we are going to film some more reading and made some amateur trailer, so it can be shared with everyone, including Mr. Universal.

Here is now a first filmed excerpt (thanks to Dino’s talent!). I was reading it for the first time and still couldn’t help being taken by the archetypes of Yahweh and Lucifer. Now we know they are French. 🙂

More soon…

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