Pioneering Humanity – A Conference in India

During my trip to Auroville, India, December 2014, I gave a conference about collective intelligence and my research work in exploring new ways to exist and evolve consciousness. This conference has different parts, from external objective science to empirical exploration I do at the personal level.

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Collective Intelligence – a New Research Field

In this first part you will hear the great story about collective intelligence. How did it evolve through the ages, where does it go today? This part focuses on the external objective aspects of my scientific research: facts, data, words.


Evolving the We in the I

The second part of the conference offers a more complex –and deeper– understanding of collective intelligence by addressing how the collective operates in the self, how the “we” plays in the “I”. Hence the fact that we see many collectives that evolve lot’s of external aspects such as technology or governance, but people still carry, like holograms, the social dna of the old society: same social codes, same wealth technology (money), same language, same food, same relationship with the body, same beliefs (doxa), same relationship to time, etc. My research has lead me to explore and deconstruct this social dna and explore new possibilities. I share some examples in the videos below.


Language carries lot’s of archaic forms of consciousness in the way it builds reality in our individual and collective psyche. Unveiling these archaic forms and deciding whether we get rid of them of evolves them helps make important evolutionary steps, individually and collectively. Here I share the example of speaking in e-prime (not using the verb “to be”).


Social Codes

No social code exist randomly. No matter how unconsciously we perpetuate social codes, they all have a function: perpetuate and maintain a given social order. Evolution means we also question the function of each social code, and decide what we want to keep, get rid of, or evolve. In this part of the conference I share how I changed a few social codes, like breathing before speaking, and the consequences it had on me and around me.



Pyramidal collective intelligence has made market economy its core economic engine. Why? Because gift economy didn’t have the capacity to reach large scales due to the exponential complexity it generates. However now holomidal collective intelligence allows the rise of gift economies at large scale, offering amazing competitive advantages compared to market economy. But it takes a quantum leap to understand and trust the process, a question that I share in this part of the conference.


Food, Technology, Body

Food carries lot’s of social beliefs and binding in it. Food and consciousness walk hand in hand. If one asks this double question: “what does good for me and for the world at the same time?”, then no conventional cuisine today offers a satisfying answer. Evolving the self means evolving the way we eat.

Technology also shapes individual and collective consciousness. We have a different world and reality before and after the invention of fire, of the writing, of the printing press, of flight, of computers, of internet. What consciousness do we cultivate in order to have technology serve us rather than the opposite?

Last but not least, the body plays a key role in invisible architectures. Culture determines in a large manner the relationship we have with or body, how we experience it, how we manifest it. Conventional lifestyle in the pyramidal collective intelligence world places the body in a social and cultural mold. How can we free ourselves and get to live fully our bodily experience? Why should we do that? What consequences?



If we had 3 core ideas to keep in mind, I would pick these ones:

  1. become holoptical
  2. transmute old social dna
  3. reclaim your body


Questions & Answers

People in the public asked a series of fascinating questions, as shared on the time line below.

0:00 – What about languages that don’t use the verb “to be”?

2:10 – In the gift economy, don’t people usually give back to you rather than giving back to someone else?

5:15 – Can we consider an intermediary stage between market economy and gift economy that we could call social entrepreneurship?

9:30 – Question from a sports coach: “I follow my heart by teaching what I love and do the best, however it keeps me binded to  a city, a place where I don’t want to live. If I follow and listen to my heart, how should I deal with this?”

15:10 – How does friendship play in linking the I and the We? What role of social environment in this transformation?

20:00 – Do you know good examples of holomidal collective intelligence?

24:40 – Auroville began with very innovative ideas about education. Unexperienced people applied them, and later more and more of the pyramidal world came in, with money, taxes, etc. So, what do you think about education?

29:10 – 2 questions:
1. What sense do you have about our organization in Auroville ? Does it contribute to holomidal collective intelligence?
2. When you work with companies, what agreements do you propose for groups to change in a soft way?

35:20 – You have yourself evolved towards live (raw) food, but before enough people make such a conscious step, they will end up depleting our current natural resources. What do you think about that?

37:15 – You’ve spoken about collective intelligence and shared about things you do at the personal level. How do you do the two things combined together, the personal and the collective?


A big thank you to Bruno and Damien for capturing this conference, and to Joel for the sound engineering.


Going Post-Monetary

Will work for BitcoinsBitcoin?

As someone working on the vision and technologies of the post-monetary society, people keep asking me what I think about Bitcoin. Well, you know what? Not much.

Although Bitcoin works in a decentralized, peer-to-peer, open source way, it still remains part of the conventional scarcity paradigm. The fact that it plugs in the conventional scarce money infrastructure ($, €, etc) infuses the scarcity DNA in it. Even worse: it sticks to the “coin”, such an old meme! However I do acknowledge Bitcoin as a step towards the post-monetary society, while remaining inside the mainstream paradigm. It truly questions the bank monopoly for money issuance which paves the way to new possibilities. Advocates and users of Bitcoin will very likely make all possible mistakes that will accelerate the shift.

Complementary currencies?

I like complementary currencies for the service they offer. They help people make the first baby steps out of money as a unique and exclusive way to look at economy. They help people make all necessary mistakes, trials and errors, that may eventually lead them to think “out of the bucks”.

Today different categories of complementary currencies co-exist (some of them can have multiple roles, for instance local and social):

  • Local (or regional) currencies: they help a local territory (town, region, etc) to re-monetize themselves and uplift the local economy. Examples: Ithaca Hours (USA), SOL project (France), Chiemgauer (Germany)
  • Corporate currencies: they support a specific economic sector. Examples: air miles (travel sector), the WIR (corporate economy in Switzerland), Meal Vouchers (restaurant industry)
  • Social currencies: they support social and solidarity economy in the society. Examples: Time Banking (USA), Banco Palmas (Brasil)
  • Targeted currencies: they enhance a specific outcome in the economy. Example: carbon currency

I don’t put any work and efforts in complementary currencies. Their name says it all: they complement the system, just like complementary food complements your diet because of its inherent deficiencies. Complementary food and complementary currencies exist because of the mainstream system. On the good news side, we can see complementary currencies as the first steps towards a global interoperable open protocol (see below), just like local networks initiated the transition towards the Internet in the early 90’s.

Decentralized money?

I just came across a conference given by Fred Wilson, Managing Partner at Union Square Ventures. I like the clear way he shares current trends and how it directs his investments. Fred has a good insight when he says the next currency system has to become an open internet protocol. First time I hear it from someone else than our small circle. Years ago it looked like pure science fiction when I shared this idea, now an investor says it, good news! However Fred Wilson still reduces his forecast to a decentralized monetary system, which means:

  1. a technology that only addresses movable wealth (commodities, services), and not integral wealth (i.e. movable, measurable, rankable, acknowledgeable, potential — see conferences below).
  2. a technology that operates only in the conventional market economy, i.e. where we just exchange things, and forget about other possibilities. It discards the rise of gift economies which, in my sense, will prove to become much more powerful and generative than the current market economy limited by immediate conditional reciprocity.

Shifting to the post-monetary society

I think our view on the not-so-far future can go way further. Basically:

  1. Next post-monetary technologies will work on an open internet protocol (Fred Wilson got this part, which I find very cool and rare) that will allow diversity, multiplicity, interoperability
  2. Post-monetary technologies will provide a language of integral wealth, not just movable wealth
  3. Post-monetary technologies will allow large scale gift economies that transcend (and include) market economies

Think out of the BucksWe still have many creative options to name this evolution. Just like the rise of aviation, it will develop its own ontology in our conventional language. I like to use expressions such as “language of wealth”, “integral wealth”, “wealth technologies”.

Also, we don’t have a word to acknowledge the fact we create wealth, in its truest and broadest sense. Hence the creation of the verb to weal: to generate, to give birth to wealth. In the future, we will weal. Weal as wheel (free wheel), weal as will (free will), etc. Will Will wheal? Years ago I booked domain names freeweal (org, com, etc) and They wait for their time.

Last but not least, this shift will eventually take us way, way further than what everyone predicts now. The next language of wealth will become a language of flows. We evolve from our current language of finite objects and their relationships towards a language of flows, alive, always changing, quantic (filled with superposed possibilities), holographic (where the I and the We contain each other), super-conscious. There I see the one of the next leaps of our species.

Much more to say about it, hence my long retreat at the present moment (feel free to weal me :-)).

More in-depth

Here come some key conferences about this topic.

Integral Wealth

Jean-François Noubel – Centifolia – Oct. 2013 – Grasse, France

Towards a Systems’ Paradigm and a New Expressive Capacity

Arthur Brock interviewed by Ferananda Ibarra.

After money – TEDx Paris



Speaking at TEDx Paris 2011

Speaking at TEDx Paris came as a new challenge for me. How could I share the post monetary society vision in 12 minutes? TED even asks for much more than saying it all in a short amount of time. You don’t want to share only concepts and views, speakers have to manifest their emotional intelligence, balance the right and left brain, share about their personal journey…  Whatever the outcome, I saw it as a wonderful invitation to grow, to refine my expression, to help me find unknown paths inside myself. An initiatory journey that I took joyfully, surrounded and coached by the wonderful founders of TEDx Paris. Their feedback felt always accurate and benevolent.

I had to carefully select what I should say and not say. Each milestone in the discourse had to come in a precise time, not spoken by heart, but from the heart.

It came obvious that:

  • I should not try to explain the post-monetary society, but rather drop small seeds of curiosity. With the right seeds people can feel the importance of what they hear, even if the rational mind doesn’t understand the whole thing. Something more profound, more important, reaches a deeper inner knowing, often unconscious, but universally present in each human being.
  • I had to go beyond complementary currencies to reach free currencies, even if 95% of the audience wouldn’t follow me there.

This last point requires an explanation.

People usually understand complementary currencies well enough. Several reasons to this… First, as the name suggests, complementary currencies “complement” our monetary system, therefore we remain in the same paradigm even though the idea of using other units to account our exchanges provokes a huge quantum and emotional leap for many people. Furthermore, in their paradigm, free currencies remain monolithic –one currency at a time– and tied to the conventional market economy (immediate reciprocity/symmetry: I give you something, you give me currency in return). Given that people have only lived in market economy since childhood, they have no other reference point, anything else looks abstract.

Free currencies play plural. They work by constellations, they can do more than just exchanging things, they work beyond market economies (gift economies for instance), they bind flows of wealth together to build upward spirals. In short, if one hasn’t really played with free currencies, this looks meaningless just like the Internet looked for the large public back in the early 90’s. In these times, no conference could have helped understand today’s reality. Same thing with free currencies. It needs people to play in order to realize the obviousness and simplicity of it. So, the paradigm shift happens in free currencies, not in complementary currencies. I made it the final destination for the TEDx conference. 12 minutes to reach this summit felt like a risky experience. I took the risk to have a good part of the room not following me, to look too abstract, theoretical and incomplete. But I hope this conference would allow some seeds to find fertile soil. I think it did.

Years later I continue to receive lot’s of feedback. TEDx Paris gives the speakers a high visibility in the media. I receive lot’s of emails from individuals who want to understand better or take action, and from companies that would like to work with me on this project, or from medias for an interview.

Nevertheless I do have mixed feelings in regards to my talk. But here comes the gift: I learned how to do better next time. 🙂

Thanks again to TEDx organizers, and to all the volunteers who joyfully gave their time and energy.

Standing up for free currencies

For the past 2 years I have been doing lot’s of workshops, retreats, keynotes, radio & newspaper interviews about the evolution of money towards free currencies, and the shift our human species is making from pyramidal collective intelligence to global collective intelligence.

Last September 2009 I took the Vow of Wealth. Since then I have walked, step by step, towards the concrete application of the Vow. Last May I gave up my house that was hooking me to a monthly rent in hard money. Now I am a happy nomad. My bank account is not closed yet, but I don’t use it since Sept. 30. It will be closed in the next coming weeks. I will continue to use conventional money in cash form for my personal life until I become fully sustainable and wealthy (in the true sense of it) in the new economy with free currencies.

This last summer 2010 this question came knocking at the door again and again: is my mission to inspire the massive next economic shift and let things happen, or am I here to also to build the next free currencies? The last day in Burning Man, the answer came: I am going to do it. The way clarity came is a beautiful story by itself, but that’s for another post. All I can tell is the answer was manifested from the outside in a very explicit manner. Just like in movies. That was really fun.

So, the point is: I am going to make free currencies become the next global monetary system for our little planet.

Sounds crazy? Megalomaniac? It certainly is. But think it twice: all big changes that have shifted consciousness came from a small group of visionaries and pioneers. Take the printing press, photography, airplanes, telephone, microcomputers, the Internet, and more recently Skype, Twitter of Facebook… all there was were a handful of people who just believed in their vision and brought it to the world in the most simple way: do it and let it happen.

When I say “I am going to“, it looks like I am going to do it all by myself. Of course not. But at this point I want to speak for myself for what I want to be accountable for. It will definitely be a we journey, even a WE journey, as so many people are involved. I do believe in the power of declaring accountability from the I perspective. I+I+I+I+…+I, each individually accountable and committed,  is what will build a solid team, capable of actions and not just ideas.

Today I want to gather the best refined souls, who have the highest moral integrity, the best spiritual understanding on the evolutionary nature of reality (regardless their practice, religious or secular), and who hold world class expertise in one domain that can serve the evolution towards free currencies. Mastery can be about software coding or architecture, film making, fund raising, strategic planning, legal issues, accounting, social media, teaching, translating, public relations, social networks, cloud computing, etc.

I want the best film makers and story tellers to write the best stories about how the world will be when humanity has taken control of its currency system.

I want the best software coders and architects to form a global open source community that will create the infrastructure for free currencies to become a universal language for wealth, accessible to every community in the world, local and global.

I want the best social servant leaders and entrepreneurs who will offer their creativity to deploy free currencies in the communities they serve.

I want the most conscious financial people or institutions to offer conventional money to support this transformation while those serving it still need to relate to the old economy.

I want the best corporate partners who can provide technical infrastructure or knowledge of any sort.

And the list goes on…

So, more news soon!

From the Meatrix to the Moneytrix

I am now reaching the last part of my long 6 weeks trip in the West cost of the US. First week was Burning Man, second week was Boulder, Colorado (that was also burning due to forest fires), then the Bay Area (Sept. 14-30), then L.A.

Here is a quick report of how the situation is evolving.

I had 2 meetings with Louis Fox, founder of Free Range studios, and creator of worldwide viral hits such as the Meatrix and Story of Stuff. Louis is combining an ultra-creative mind grounded by an extreme pragmatism about how human psyche works, and elevated by a deep spiritual practice. Louis is quite excited about free currencies and about building a piece that can help humanity move to the right currency system. During our meeting he has already voiced many ideas that will make a difference. We are going to work together, this is great news, as this is one more ally in our dream team!

Tomorrow we have a whole working session with Rick Lukens. He is a well known figure in the entertainment industry, as he has organized huge international events and concerts, and he knows most of the showbiz players. Right now he is working on a site with his friend Carlos Santana: Architects on a New Dawn. Rick has invested in a software company that has developed a whole new way to use computers, to interface with the machines and between humans. This is ground breaking, it’s the next generation. It’s so disruptive that the software is now developed in China rather than the US. Big names of the software industry, and 100+ developers are working on it. It is going to become the operating system in the iPad competitor that is soon to come (a much better product). It will be a shock for America. The point is there is a perfect affinity between this technology and free currencies. So there are amazing synergies that we are going to explore. This is another good news.

Next week I am meeting with different people in the movie industry in Hollywood. As I don’t have asked yet for their permission it is too early to name them officially, but these people can also make quite a difference in the way we build the new planetary myth.

I will also meet with an important player in the game industry, as the game industry has the best capacities to provide fun and powerful user interfaces.

There is also the ongoing work with Barbara Marx-Hubbard who is also part of the team. Her vision, her scientific support, her capacity to share the great evolutionary story, her connection with so many thinkers across the world is a great value she brings. Barbara is part of our growing board of advisors composed of people who’s scientific reputation, evolutionary vision and moral integrity are well know.

I am also talking to other potential conscious financial supporters, both on the philanthropy and investors’ sides.

Every piece of the puzzle to make free currencies possible are coming together seamlessly. What we need now is some conventional cash to continue assemble these pieces in order to offer enough evidence that some philanthropic money should be put in “Moneytrix“, the viral movie on free currencies). $20k would help us continue our trip, finance the next one in a few weeks, and put some effort in the first sketch of the movie. The goal is to make it crystal clear that $200k for building a Manifesto + a viral movie made by the best dream team, is worth for the world.

This by itself should ignite the necessary momentum to finish the infrastructure  for the free currencies. Eric Harris-Braun and Arthur Brock, both the core thinkers and visionaries of MetaCurrency, are ready to play!

Any feedback and advice be very precious. We need support and service to be able to do our service.

This is definitely an amazing journey!


From owning to flowing

Our consumer society has built an ideology of accumulation. This is triggered by the scarce monetary system. Rather than sharing the stuff we need, we accumulate it in our basements, garages and backyards. Skis, furniture, toys, lawnmowers, tools, washing machines, books (ah, books!), DVDs, carpets, dishes, clothes… This stuff doesn’t circulate, nor it is shared. It piles up in every house. How would the consumer’s economy be if we didn’t have to reproduce the same artifact a zillion times? How would it be if we shared? How would it be if everything became a flow?

Today we unconsciously perceive ourselves as endpoints, as final destinations of whatever object or service the world creates if we need it, just like little children at early age. This nourishes an underlying egocentric experience at the societal and cultural levels. This economic infrastructure based on conquering and accumulating stuff by means of harshly conquered money doesn’t help us become systemic human beings. We don’t see ourselves as harmonious beings serving and being served by a wider whole.

We operate exactly the same with knowledge. We accumulate knowledge in our inner basement. Knowledge that was first poured in our heads at school (this is the dominant vision of school programs in most cultures). How much of it do we really make publicly available? How much do we freely redistribute? How trained are we to pass it on, naturally, fluidly? These new social media and free economies are so odd in regards to what we learned at school…

We, at the MetaCurrency group, are building the infrastructure that will help us experience wealth as flows that go through us, be it in material and immaterial form. In the culture of flows we don’t need to accumulate. We need to receive what’s necessary at the right time, then pass it on. The flowplace will be one of the platforms for this.

We shift from owning to flowing.

Having the thing we need at the right time, and pass it on? This is a natural property of small communities (original collective intelligence) that operate in the gift economy. Original collective intelligence provides a built-in synchronistic structure where personal needs are met at the right time, which in return enables us to offer our wealth to the commons. But humanity has not yet been able to scale it up. The only strategy for scaling so far has been the market economy within the pyramidal collective intelligence and its scarce currency system.

The evolutionary threshold is that now we can scale up the properties of original collective intelligence (and still benefit from the amazing evolutions of pyramidal collective intelligence). We are now on the verge of inventing the language of flows, so that wealth can flow through us at the right time according to our needs, rather than accumulate in our backyards after a long and exhausting hunt for scarce money.

This new level of complexity requires a new techno-economic infrastructure. Just like the printing press, this is going to create a new culture.

This culture is already manifesting in the open source economy. Sociology shows also that more and more people are leaving the conventional culture (see cultural creatives). They undomesticate themselves (the Vow of Wealth is certainly one of these steps). The coming generations will learn flowing rather than owning. It begins today with knowledge, it will soon apply to the material world.


An inspiring link: The story of stuff

Entering 2010

Entering 2010 comes with clear objectives and roadmap:

  • Continue the work on free currencies, and most specifically the flowplace.
  • Move on with the Vow of Wealth
  • Develop vessel at the core level
  • Finish my book on collective intelligence
  • Work on food — how can I get to the best possible nourishment, exploring the pranic approach

These objectives keep me on the evolutionary journey, specially at the body level when it’s about repatterning and shifting towards new agreements with the matter.

A note to Mark Shuttleworth

I attended Mark Shuttleworth keynote presentation this morning at the Open World Forum, Paris. Mark is the founder of Ubuntu.

During yesterday’s post, I wondered whether I would connect with him and give him the opportunity to explore and our work on free currencies.

The conclusion is I liked what he said, I liked his simplicity.

So I gave him the note on a piece of paper…

Paris, 1st October 2009


We are about to launch the free currencies. Free currencies will be to money what open source / free software is to proprietary software.

In the next years, millions of currencies will flourish on the Net and through our cell phones. They will serve for markets (buy/sell), but also for building intangible wealth such as trust, expertise, attention, reputation, recognition, and so on. They will free humanity from the current scarcity models based on Pareto laws of condensation, that leave full regions and sectors undermonetized.

We are a group of people committed to make it a reality. Very very soon.

For the protocol and infrastructure: check
For the spaces where these free currencies will flow: check
For our work on collective intelligence: check

As for my own commitment to these next currencies, I will soon fully leave the conventional monetary system to enter in the next open one, next 2010.

Your contribution to this process would accelerate and strengthen the process.

You may contact me on my cell phone at XXXXX

Warmest regards,

Jean-François Noubel
Founder & President

As usual I have no attachment and no expectations, it was just about threading an opportunity in the universe, and not presume anything.

Now let’s see where this will go…

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