The First Evolutionary Boot Camp

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Full Metal Jacket

Now we have a place and a date! I look forward to sharing this great adventure together (yeah, I’ll look exactly like in the picture).


April 11-17, 2016

Attendees will arrive the day before (April 10th) and will leave the day after (April 18th). This leaves a complete 7 days boot camp.


Bali! Near the amazing Bali Barat national park, in a natural and protected part of the island.

The event will take place in a gorgeous mini village offered to us by dear friends who want to support our journey.



House in Bali

Dining room in Bali

Garden view in Bali

Your next steps

diy_books_400x465Reminder: this boot camp works as a DIY. This means I don’t organize it myself, YOU organize it with the rest of the team. My friends offered a place, I will provide the content and offer all my experience, you do the rest. This will contribute to building the group coherence and check everyone’s autonomy. You shouldn’t see it as a ‘yet another personal development’ workshop.


First read and follow the steps explained in “Evolutionary Boot Camps“. It will tell you how to apply and qualify. This includes a one-to-one conversation and official agreement on my end.

Then, and only then, you can officially confirm your participation in this boot camp. Just send me an email or call me.

The boot camp will happen if we have a minimum of 12 confirmed attendees by Feb. 15, 2016. In case we haven’t reached this number, then we will cancel. So, don’t take your plane tickets before, unless you absolutely want to visit Bali no matter what 🙂

The boot camp will not accept more than 25 participants, by order of confirmation.

Enjoy the journey!


Pioneering Humanity – A Conference in India

During my trip to Auroville, India, December 2014, I gave a conference about collective intelligence and my research work in exploring new ways to exist and evolve consciousness. This conference has different parts, from external objective science to empirical exploration I do at the personal level.

Keywords: #aurobindo, #auroville, #CollectiveIntelligence, #breathing, #conscisouness, #economy, #e-prime, #GiftEconomy, #food, #holomidal, #innovation, #internet, #InvisibleArchitectures, #ontology, #OpenSource, #PyramidalCollectiveIntelligence, #SocialCodes, #soul, #spirituality, #technology, #wealth, #wisdom

Collective Intelligence – a New Research Field

In this first part you will hear the great story about collective intelligence. How did it evolve through the ages, where does it go today? This part focuses on the external objective aspects of my scientific research: facts, data, words.


Evolving the We in the I

The second part of the conference offers a more complex –and deeper– understanding of collective intelligence by addressing how the collective operates in the self, how the “we” plays in the “I”. Hence the fact that we see many collectives that evolve lot’s of external aspects such as technology or governance, but people still carry, like holograms, the social dna of the old society: same social codes, same wealth technology (money), same language, same food, same relationship with the body, same beliefs (doxa), same relationship to time, etc. My research has lead me to explore and deconstruct this social dna and explore new possibilities. I share some examples in the videos below.


Language carries lot’s of archaic forms of consciousness in the way it builds reality in our individual and collective psyche. Unveiling these archaic forms and deciding whether we get rid of them of evolves them helps make important evolutionary steps, individually and collectively. Here I share the example of speaking in e-prime (not using the verb “to be”).


Social Codes

No social code exist randomly. No matter how unconsciously we perpetuate social codes, they all have a function: perpetuate and maintain a given social order. Evolution means we also question the function of each social code, and decide what we want to keep, get rid of, or evolve. In this part of the conference I share how I changed a few social codes, like breathing before speaking, and the consequences it had on me and around me.



Pyramidal collective intelligence has made market economy its core economic engine. Why? Because gift economy didn’t have the capacity to reach large scales due to the exponential complexity it generates. However now holomidal collective intelligence allows the rise of gift economies at large scale, offering amazing competitive advantages compared to market economy. But it takes a quantum leap to understand and trust the process, a question that I share in this part of the conference.


Food, Technology, Body

Food carries lot’s of social beliefs and binding in it. Food and consciousness walk hand in hand. If one asks this double question: “what does good for me and for the world at the same time?”, then no conventional cuisine today offers a satisfying answer. Evolving the self means evolving the way we eat.

Technology also shapes individual and collective consciousness. We have a different world and reality before and after the invention of fire, of the writing, of the printing press, of flight, of computers, of internet. What consciousness do we cultivate in order to have technology serve us rather than the opposite?

Last but not least, the body plays a key role in invisible architectures. Culture determines in a large manner the relationship we have with or body, how we experience it, how we manifest it. Conventional lifestyle in the pyramidal collective intelligence world places the body in a social and cultural mold. How can we free ourselves and get to live fully our bodily experience? Why should we do that? What consequences?



If we had 3 core ideas to keep in mind, I would pick these ones:

  1. become holoptical
  2. transmute old social dna
  3. reclaim your body


Questions & Answers

People in the public asked a series of fascinating questions, as shared on the time line below.

0:00 – What about languages that don’t use the verb “to be”?

2:10 – In the gift economy, don’t people usually give back to you rather than giving back to someone else?

5:15 – Can we consider an intermediary stage between market economy and gift economy that we could call social entrepreneurship?

9:30 – Question from a sports coach: “I follow my heart by teaching what I love and do the best, however it keeps me binded to  a city, a place where I don’t want to live. If I follow and listen to my heart, how should I deal with this?”

15:10 – How does friendship play in linking the I and the We? What role of social environment in this transformation?

20:00 – Do you know good examples of holomidal collective intelligence?

24:40 – Auroville began with very innovative ideas about education. Unexperienced people applied them, and later more and more of the pyramidal world came in, with money, taxes, etc. So, what do you think about education?

29:10 – 2 questions:
1. What sense do you have about our organization in Auroville ? Does it contribute to holomidal collective intelligence?
2. When you work with companies, what agreements do you propose for groups to change in a soft way?

35:20 – You have yourself evolved towards live (raw) food, but before enough people make such a conscious step, they will end up depleting our current natural resources. What do you think about that?

37:15 – You’ve spoken about collective intelligence and shared about things you do at the personal level. How do you do the two things combined together, the personal and the collective?


A big thank you to Bruno and Damien for capturing this conference, and to Joel for the sound engineering.


From Centifolia to Centisophia

Two years ago I participated in the making of an event called Centifolia (scheduled late Oct. 2011). This event gathered players in the perfumes & cosmetics industry in the city of Grasse, South of France, known as the world capital of perfume.

What did I do in such an event, and what interest should I have in this sector of the economy?

First, my co-creative partners and I had 100% freedom to design the event in order to increase its collective intelligence. Second, the perfumes & cosmetics sector, that many people consider as superficial and useless, occupies in reality an important place in our everyday life, and in the economy in general. Indeed, viral ideas and collective intelligence actions can potentially provoke an inspiring and leveraging wave, in this sector as well as in other sectors. Yummy! So we played.


Lipstick - Gustavo RodriguezLipstick and gloss?

Many people, specially among the cultural creatives and generation Y part of society, have a negative and alienated understanding of the perfumes & cosmetics sector. They see it as lipstick and gloss. Wrong. Cosmetics go from make-up to toothpaste, sunblock, shampoo and soap. You can define it as any product that comes in contact with your body. Cosmetics have always existed and will always exist.

Important to know: heavy weights in this industry don’t just do “perfumes” and “cosmetics”. Take a look at P&GGivaudanFirmenich or IFF… These guys also play in the flavors & fragrance field. They decide how our food, our drink or our detergent will smell and taste (well, you don’t want to taste the detergent).

That said, this industrial sector (like so many others) shows quite some alarming facts:

  • Some products come from the extraction or exploitation of natural resources from all around the world. In many cases it affects ecosystems and hurts local populations (farmers, indigenous people…) who often operate under the control of local mafia. Child labor, degrading working conditions and wage slavery appear as common cases, from India to Haiti, from Australia to Madagascar.
  • Some products affect our health
  • Some products affect the environment (packaging, chemicals…)
  • Some products rely on animal testing

On a more systemic and global point of view, humanity has built its economies with a scarce monetary system called “money”. Scarce money provokes an incentive to “hunt” for… money. Such an activity requires the laying of “money traps” everywhere. Many, if not most, products on the market have this unique function of attracting this scarce money. We find no humanistic goal, no spiritual value, no healing function whatsoever, although these products do claim to serve a need. Therefore in many cases the making of a product comes with the making of a need. The products create the need, and not the opposite. To do so, the use of manipulation, temptation and lies to create the need have become a common and accepted practice, regardless the systemic consequences or the moral issues. This mechanism induced by a scarce monetary system leads to consumerist societies and consumption based economies.

Supermarkets and TV commercials offer a good observation field. We see in a live way how lie and manipulation principles operate.

Enter in any supermarket, observe and ask yourself how many products have a real humanistic, environmental or spiritual function? How many products provoke an immediate stimulus (pleasure), and how many trigger a genuine happiness?  You will likely conclude that humanity could thrive and have its highest needs served without most of the products aligned in the aisles. Also take a look at the packaging… the messages, the flashy colors, the subliminal words and images, the chosen spots in the store… Does it speak to your higher self or does it titillate your reptilian brain?

Watching mainstream tvWatch TV commercials, and count the number of mind-numbing and debilitating messages. Observe how they manipulate, how they trigger the most basic drives in human psyche (hunger, sexual desire, etc) or invoke the highest spiritual values (freedom, self-realization…). This dynamics, now fed with more and more neuromarketing data, institutionalizes a societal practice of lies and manipulation. “This cream will make you look 20 years younger“, “this toothpaste will give you a Hollywood smile“, “this soap will make women happier“, “this shampoo will make you look like a star“, etc.

Neither blaming and censoring the big brands, nor doing social activism against them will escape the whole system I just sketched. Only a global, distributed, systemic, innovative response can transcend it. Rather than becoming more terrifying players inside the current rules, why don’t we change the rules themselves and play a much funnier game?

Hence, the way we consider health and well-being can evolve. The way we define wealth can evolve. The way we trade with one another can evolve. The way we create economic ecosystems and currencies can evolve. Entrepreneurship can evolve. Information transparency can evolve. The whole game can evolve. It just takes a handful of committed visionary people who decide to play in another field and to show that they definitely have much more fun there.


What happened in Centifolia 2011?

So, back to Centifolia 2011… This event swirled around the idea of the “Perfect Product”. A perfect product embodies and manifests Beauty, Goodness and Truth, which we call universal primary values (like primary colors). Hence this conference that I gave (see below). In a nutshell it says that from this universal human value system called “Beauty, Goodness and Truth” we can build new, juicy, generous, innovative, sustainable businesses that support the emergence of conscious markets.

And if you feel like exploring a little more, you may watch this conference called “Our Species Evolves, and You?” I gave it for the opening of Centifolia. It explores some of the current trends of our society: where do markets go? Why do they become “conscious”? What any CEO should know today (that about 100% of them don’t even suspect)? What opportunities do we have ahead of us?



Centifolia 2013: “The Wealth of a Product”

From Wed. Oct. 23 6pm to Friday Oct. 25 2pm

Many congresses, fairs, shows, conferences and conventions talking about perfumes & cosmetics happen during the year in different places of the world. Well, Centifolia 2013 will NOT look like any of these events. On the contrary. So I should make myself very clear here: people who want to do business as usual won’t find any interest in attending Centifolia 2013.

Fleur CentifoliaThis year’s theme?  The Wealth of a Product.

Check the official website.


What wealth can a product really create, provoke, attract? In this context, we use the word wealth in its broadest and deepest sense. Wealth as for value creation, benefits, satisfaction, health, environment, society, entrepreneurship, joy, relationships, trust, interconnectedness, universal values… In 3 words: Beauty, Goodness and Truth. We call it integral wealth.

On the societal side, can we imagine products that don’t create winners on one side and losers on the other side? Usually the “losers” side includes the environment, indigenous populations, and the society at large (alienation, consumerism…). Sellers and buyers (not always) compose the “winners” side. Actually, not true indeed for the winners’ side: from a systemic perspective, everyone loses. It just depends on which scale of time we look at these things. Only conscious markets can attract and sustain these no losers enterprises. Good news: conscious markets grow everywhere, mostly throughout the Internet. We will make a clear demonstration of this evolution during the event.

We can then ask the following questions:

  • What kind of organization does it take to enter in conscious market’s ecosystem?
  • How do we create a no losers company?
  • Where do we start from now?
  • What can conventional companies do in order to evolve?

We will address these questions through conferences and interactive spaces.


We will invite speakers that play at every levels of the chain of value creation. From indigenous producers to R&D, from purchasers to recyclers, from marketing & sales to final client, from CEOs to noses (well, not just the nose, but also the person following it)… Even more: we want to hear the voices of society and the environment. Both have amazing insights and value proposition for tomorrow’s markets.

This web of experiences will help everyone build a holistic understanding of the current human ecosystem of the sector. And when an ecosystem becomes conscious, extraordinary evolutionary capacities begin to manifest.


On the methodological side, we will implement different spaces that trigger collective intelligence, creativity, consciousness, entrepreneurship. This includes:

  • TED like conferences: short, innovative, with super-prepared Ninja keynote speakers. They will inspire us with their stories and experience (check Centifolia 2011 conferences to get a sense of it)
  • World Cafés: one of the most efficient way to connect while enhancing collective intelligence in the room
  • Circles: to build a sense of the collective and see what wants to emerge
  • Informal time: to give space to the unexpected and the invisible
  • Delicious meals: to celebrate and enjoy each other’s presence with organic food (of course )
  • Online spaces: to invite global collective intelligence and connect with the world
  • Medias: to film, interview, collect experiences and insights
  • Graphic facilitation and cartooning: because no one can seriously create and innovate without them
  • Art, music, fun, humor: because we don’t want our right brain to look like a raisin

Our highest expectation? That attendees leave Centifolia with thriving ideas, innovative concepts, new connections, an open and exciting vision of possible futures, a joyful and concrete sense of no losers businesses.

Centisophia comes as an obvious next step.


Centisophia, the next step for pioneers!

Friday Oct. 24 afternoon – Saturday Oct. 25 evening

Centifolia, we talked. Centisophia, we do.

It will gather people who want to move on, people who want their hands on innovative projects that embody the visions shared in Centifolia. People with a pioneering drive.

Harry Atwood in Wright Brothers AirplaineThese pioneers want to operate via the next forms of collective intelligence (we call it holomidal collective intelligence), that have a much higher capacity for innovation, learning, decision making, resilience, anticipation, and wisdom-driven action. Attendees feel an irresistible attraction for integral business models and conscious markets. They come to share their direct experience and unveil concrete visionary projects, existing or future ones.

Centifolia had open doors for everyone, Centisophia will require candidates to apply for their participation. We expect motivated people and we want to make sure that everyone has a clear understanding about the objectives of the event. The applicant’s social status (global CEO or humble entrepreneur) doesn’t play any role here. Only motivation and open-mindedness count.

In regards to designing our interaction spaces, we will continue with the same dynamics as during Centifolia, but in a more advanced way. Our spaces will become super interactive. We will also play with new ways to engage with one another in order to harness our creativity.

The outcomes? It depends 100% on participants. For knowing a number of them personally, I can tell how motivated they feel and the senior experience they have. Some of them had global CEO positions in the old economy, today they decided to play like young excited teenagers in the new economy. I like it.

If I had to describe Centisophia in a few keywords? Out of the box, provoking, inspiring, outstanding, pioneering, a space of its own, business not as usual, collective intelligence, conscious markets, integral wealth, next opportunities…

Please drop me a line if you feel like playing !


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